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#178421 by Amiroslo
Sun 05 Mar 2017, 04:08
Welcome back everyone. I am happy to announce that VAPus is back better than before!

Whats new?

First of all I am happy to introduce you the new layout. You can go around and check it out. All feed backs are welcome.

All spam accounts has been deleted.
Over 100k spam posts has been removed.
Anti-Spam registration check has been added!

I have added a new like system to the forum. Now you can like posts/topics and receive notifications. Dislikes has been disabled. Suggestions are welcome.

We upgraded and improved the forum and optimized the database. Now we have fast loading.

Avatars & Signatures:
All user avatars and signatures were removed due to the incompatibility with the old forum system. Please re upload your avatar and update your signature.

The tools are removed for now. We are currently working on updating the important ones to get them back running on the forum.

VAPus store was also removed. A new OTMarket(store) from scratch is being worked on. Something you have never seen before anywhere. It will blow your mind! Stay tuned for more information.

Sidebar/Last posts:
Last topics/posts were moved to the bottom of the page for now. We are getting more stuff soon.

Much more categories were added. Topics moved to their proper forum category. Please report topics in the wrong section so we can move them if you find any.

Topic prefixes were added to many categories on this forum. Like support/downloads/scripts...
Some are obligatory some are optional.

Syntax code highlight:
Syntax highlight was implanted for codes. Now you can use BBcode for most used programming languages.

    Word count under posts.
    New smilies
    User statistic shown on top of the page (only for you).
    You can now search members like this
    Youtube links do not require BBcode anymore.
    All size & color BBcodes require no "", which means many of the old [color="#FF0000"][/color] [size="5"][/size] will not show unless you remove the double quotes. If you find any in your old topic, please remove the double quotes.

Most attachments are gone. Many links are dead. If you own a thread and still have a backup, please upload it as an attachment so it never expires again!

Thank you
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#178437 by Amiroslo
Tue 21 Mar 2017, 03:52
New forum update:
Forum Icons were added for every forum
Sidebar added to the forum
@MentionMember added (Doesn't show up in notifications yet)
PM Separated from all notifications