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Sun 18 Sep 2016, 14:04
Let me introduce you to a new Open-Tibia server experience, presenting: World of Therran!
World of Therran is a custom low-rate RPG server that brings you MANY features you certainly have not seen anywhere else!
You begin your adventures in the Tutorial Tower that teaches you the basics of the server. Once you reach the top of the tower, you pick your reward and proceed to the Temple of Choice where you are to pick your starting place. Currently available are Ramurika, Darudon and Shanarah. As soon as you arrive in your desired town you are instantly thrown into a starting mission. Whether it be clearing the Ramurikan sewers of rotworms, or taking care of the corruption in Shanarah, your actions will be rewarded.
The server has a lot of quests that will keep your entertained for at least 125 levels, and even then will you have missed a few secrets, I'm sure of it. The development of the server keeps going and new stuff are being added all the time.

The map is completely custom, made by @Samuro and @Mackan™, with help from a few other mappers. And the client is entirely made by @jolle_jkpg, who also will be hosting the server during BETA. The monsters are as close to Tibia as possible, thanks to @Moj mistrz.

Features Summary:
* A massive, detailed custom map, with thought and planning put through it.
* A rich background story to the world. Read books, listen to NPCs, do some quests.
* Custom monsters, with custom sprites that drop custom items with custom effects. Pretty baller.
* A custom client that looks amazing and feels fresh.
* You can have 5 backpacks equipped. You unlock a new backpack slot every 25 levels, starting at level 25.
* A toolbelt that lets you equip your rope, shovel, pick, machete and fishing rod outside your inventory for more space.
* Dual ring slots. Equip 2 rings for both effects.
* A unique skill system.
* Transparency on water and a few other objects. Images will be included in the thread.
* In-game sound effects and music.
* Wider gamescreen than Tibia.
* Actionbars for your spells.
* Weather effects.
* A lot of quests are designed with group-like play in mind. And some are designed for single-play. We try to reach out to as many players as possible.
* Cool swedish developers that listen to the player opinions/feedback. ;)

Skill System explained:
Weapon types are no more. Everything is merged into a single skill we call "Melee Fighting". That means that for example the mace is no longer a club weapon, but a melee weapon. As a knight you just use the best weapon that you have obtained.

Furthermore, our skill system encourages customization of your character. Do you want to specialize your druid in the earth element? You can do that, it's possible. Maybe you want a tanky knight? Go for some defense points! Play however you want. Upon completing the Tutorial Tower, you character earns a bunch of skill points to place in his/hers skill tree. You gain a new skill point each level up.

The skill system is very user-friendly and easy to understand.
If I am to take the sorcerer skill tree as an example.
- Molten Fury, unlocks fire spells.
- Lightning Mastery, unlocks energy spells.
- Intellect, unlocks various non-sorcerer specific mage spells like earth strike and summon creature.
- Defense, unlocks defensive spells like healing.
- Agility, unlocks movement spells.
- Magic, increases your magic damage and unlocks non-sorcerer specific rune spells.

In addition to unlocking new spells, you earn bonus stats per skill on each stat. As seen in this image, each point in Magic permanently increases your mana by 5 points. To see what spells you unlock next, hover above the spell icon and a text will appear saying "Requires x points in Molten Fury" or something similar to that.

Woodcutting: The higher this skill is, the higher your successrate for cutting wood will be. This skill is relevant for a few quests.
Fishing: It's just fishing. Duuuh! Bring worms.

Water Transparency and Wider in-game screen:
See through clearwater to the floor below, maybe you will find something interesting? Except for the obvious beauty of transparent water.
And notice how you get to see 4 extra sqm on the width.




Available cities of Therran:
Click on the links to be forwarded to MORE SEXY IMAGES!
Ramurika, Kingdom and Capital of Therran. (+ some random images)
https://otland.net/threads/image-teaser ... ts.220263/

Darudon, The City of White Walls.
https://otland.net/threads/image-teaser ... on.220617/

Shanarah, The Elven Village.
https://otland.net/threads/world-of-the ... ge.223378/

World map:

Official discussion thread on OtLand:
https://otland.net/threads/world-of-the ... ad.244639/

Current active developers are:
@Moj mistrz

Throughout the years many people have helped to develop the project, we would like to thank the following people:
Ragheed, Macedoon, Mindrage, Forbidden, Ecration, Mannen med Brillorna (MmB), Clonas.
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