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#178500 by leopdl
Thu 01 Jun 2017, 07:30
[Brazil] Alim Global Server 10.98 - 300x - RL Global Map

Welcome to Alim Global Server!


"IP: Port: 7171 Client:10.98"

Server 24/7 with auto restart for crashes!

Download our own cliente at: ... =downloads

Create your account now: ... ateaccount

World Type is PVP!

New Rates!
Exp Fix: (300x)
Skill Rate (50x)
Magic Rate (10x)

Real Map e Quests waiting for you!

Protection level until level 8!

Bless Free until level 120!

Level to Create Guild is 400!

Level to Buy a House is 300!

Infinite Runes and Infinit Ammunition!

Shop in Game!

Rashid(No quest) in Thais!

Blue and Green Djinn no quest!

3 Kills to Redskull and 5 Kills to Blackskull!

HP Up:
Knight(6/s)/Elite Knight(12/s)
Paladin(4/s)/Royal Paladin(8/s)
Druid(2/s)/Elder Druid(4/s)
Sorcerer(2/s)/Master Sorcerer(4/s)

Mana Up:
Knight(6/s)/Elite Knight(12/s)
Paladin(8/s)/Royal Paladin(16/s)
Druid(10/s)/Elder Druid(20/s)
Sorcerer(10/s)/Master Sorcerer(20/s)